Adam Back preens as clean, green, serene and plebian - he's a muthafucking LIAR!

professor rat pro2rat at
Tue Sep 14 07:24:55 PDT 2021

Remember when Assmange was a ' cypherpunk revolutionary'?

And the Dread Butt Pirate was the most pristine pacifist that ever waved a posy of pansy's?

Adman Backstabber could knock these small-change losers into a cocked-hat.

Bitcoin’s year-to-date energy consumption has already surpassed the cryptocurrency’s total energy consumption in 2020.
All the Bankster offsets in the world can’t change the terrible optics of this - especially as more innocents die in cascading climate catastrophe’s.
Put Big Dog in a museum alongside the early railroad locomotives. We can do better than Btc now. Take Avalanche - Please.

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