Batshit-crazy AID's deniers need killing ( My 200 sats )

professor rat pro2rat at
Mon Sep 13 20:50:52 PDT 2021

We have a right to destroy those who would destroy us...'

Okay, who "would destroy us"?

And who is 'us'?
 Jim Bell

Batshit-crazy AID's deniers would destroy many innocent human lives - they did! They still do!

They've all earned fucking killing - and their stinking dumbell enablers. " If you help or harbor any information terrorist we will treat you as the terrorist ".

Pass the message on to your BFF's , Jeff Berwick and Israel Shamir. 

" Us " is the folks you wrote about once ( Part 10 ) a quarter of a century ago. 

I think you've been huffing too much mercaptan, DUMBELL. 

Your own parents would puke.

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