Imploding the US Govt for shits & giggles

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Mon Sep 13 18:47:31 PDT 2021

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Cypherpunks collapse governments.
Subject: Everyone a remailer: Everyone a Mint: Everyone an assassin

Strong-crypto, digital money, anonymous networks, pseudonyms, zero- knowledge proofs, reputations, information-markets, netwar, collapse-of-governments.

What forbids us translating the freedom afforded by the Internet to ordinary life?
I think that blockchains will replace armies for national defense, because a blockchain-based assassination market will be created…" Zach. CryptoGo

To launch attacks under favorable circumstances is not only every anarchist revolutionary’s right, but their plain duty. The killing of spies, policemen, commissars, the blowing up of police stations, the liberation of prisoners, the seizure of government funds for the needs of the uprising—such operations are already being carried out wherever insurrection is rife.

Marc responded, “indeed, free and open source software seems non-negotiable here: no backdoors, no skeleton key. National security establishment would balk at this though?”
Rohan responds, “yes, fuck them. I don’t think we should be taking policy advice about how to design our money for the people who think the Patriot Act was a good thing …"
WHO wants to join the LAST revolution? The one to take down ALL the governments!

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