Digging their own graves

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Mon Sep 13 18:43:14 PDT 2021

Crypto-currency alone can never bring about crypto-anarchism.  Sure we have the ' Everyone a remailer ' and ' Everyone a Mint ' parts getting well bedded down  - but there's a well known hazard to leaving out such a key sector as ' Everyone an assassin ".
Its called ' Those who make revolutions half-way simply dig their own graves ".

Without a full-spectrum APster net up and running yet the crypto-currency milieu is crawling with sickening scammers and carpetbaggers. Pukes like Btc Jesus, Pastor Craig Wrong, WickedLeaks, the Jim Bell Proyect and so on. Backstabber, Vinay Gupta and N. Szabo are all well-known neo-Nazi scumbags. We need a judgement day like yesterday and to really take out all this trash.

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