Punk-BatSoup-Stasi 2.0 punks at
Sun Sep 12 17:21:32 PDT 2021

	I searched for "Mullis" in the cpunks archive from the 90s. Nothing. I searched "Duesberg", one mention. On the other hand there are ~500 posts with various ignorant fucktards including tim may talking as if AIDS was real. 

	So the thing here is that the cypherfucktards fancy themselves the Heroes of Science and Technology, when in reality they are ignorant as fuck and unable to 'debunk' the most basic technofascist propaganda coming from govcorp. Hell, the fucktards didn't even know Mullis!!! 	Just like the fucktards on the current list, shocking.

	So without further introduction : 

	jewtube video  - 2 hours long interview with Mullis. Somehow the pieces of joo shit from jootube didn't delete that yet.

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