ERIC Hughes needs killing ( My 200 sats )

professor rat pro2rat at
Sun Sep 12 02:00:08 PDT 2021

"... I stand with the Federal Congress and sing "America, my home, sweet 
home."  For I live upon this land and soil, with other people who have set 
their lives along the course of freedom.  I pray that we may all pass 
through this dark time with the dignity of our own ideals intact, that we 
may pass through to the other side with renewed vigor to pursue the cause 
of freedom over all the earth.  My heart grieves with those who have lost, 
yet it also rejoices that we might yet undergo this ordeal as a country and 
emerge stronger and more faithful to our own nature.

May peace be with you all, with the fullness of your existence in tow.

Eric Hughes ..."

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