9-11 twenty years ago

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Sat Sep 11 07:17:18 PDT 2021

The net was flexing its new found muscles well before then ( C-punks, Indymedia, Dead-lucky, etc ) but this historic event highlighted this. For example,  a guesstimate of 50K casualties was made on Melb IMC soon after. Then that rough guess - based on number of workers in buildings - was floated by high-ups in the Cheney administration.

" I say in here and it comes out there " - ( Aaron in Broadcast News )

And none of the covert fascism rolled out since 9-11 has slowed the net down. By 2005 Americans were outnumbered and by 2010 regular demands for USG surrender were being webcast.  This is very clearly the internet century - the last 'American century' didn't last five years. Personally I want to thank the 9-11 conspirators for taking a lot of the heat off me.
My attack had been launched earlier in the year ( Cincy cop WIRED etc ) 

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