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Thu Sep 9 13:08:31 PDT 2021

> Keynesian brain-washed DemLeft can't do economics math...

Competing Projections
    Brain Trust Proposal: ≈ $7 Trillion
    Brain Trust Actual Numbers Totaled: $2.33 Trillion
    Five Former Treasury Secretaries: $1.6 Trillion
    New York Times Estimate of the Report: $700 Billion
    CBO Estimate: $120 Billion

What's Going On?
In a nutshell, Biden needs to come up with numbers that will allow him
to spend $3.5 Trillion.
To make it all work, the Magic Brain Trust concludes Biden's plan will
bring in $7 trillion.

$7 Trillion Farce
The $7 trillion projection is a farce especially given the
administration can only explain $2.33 trillion of it.
I suspect the answer is somewhere between the CBO's estimate of $120
billion and the $1.6 trillion estimate of five former treasury

Practical Standpoint
>From a practical standpoint, taxes will rise to make up the difference
or deficits will be far bigger than the Biden administration projects.

Got privacy capable crypto? Gold? Chickens? Even any FiatCash on hand?

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