USA 2020 Elections: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu Sep 9 02:28:54 PDT 2021

Joe Biden quoted as having based VP pick Harris on
non-qualifications, thus clearly violating workplace law.
8 out of last 8 Biden judge appointments, 0% white males.
List counts above may display some non-proportional
dis-representative and illegal bias. Courts have levied orders
and $Millions in fines and awards for such bias, in areas
from policing practices to private sector employment.

"Biden, instead of personally atoning offline for his own notably
racist history... including both him and his family saying "Nigger"
many times, supporting and associating with known racists, signing up
50 years ago to be a lifelong member of America's most historically
racist party (the Democrats), supporting racist policies including
racial segregation, and so on... Biden appears to be twisting the
Nation, forcing "racial jungle" conflicts to erupt, and casting words
and ill upon its good people... as proxy remedy for his own personal

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