Coronavirus: Thread

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Wed Sep 8 22:53:33 PDT 2021

Canada Mass-Fires its Health Workers, Locks Out Families...

Quebec Orders All Health-Care Workers To Get Vaccinated Or Be
Suspended Without Pay.
Vaccine passports will also be required for visitors to hospitals, he added.

Australia Launches Drunken Anal Inspections, Vaxx Apartheid...
Australia Is Now Confiscating Booze Delivered To People Forced Into Lockdown.
"They are searching all bags and things coming into the building… They
confiscated a series of gifts," These buildings are deemed under
strict lockdown and have a police presence around them, apparently
even intercepting mail. Australian health authorities are promising
that pubs will once again soon open, but only after they implement a
state vaccine passport app which will enable clients to be screened at
the door over whether they've been double-jabbed yet.

New Zealand's Ardern, the Wannabe Muslima and Islam Apologist,
Launches Total Lockdown Video Game...
"COVID Zero" New Zealand Has Completed Its Transformation Into A
Full-Blown Police State
the entire country is once again under an indefinite lockdown
A man is being shamed by his countrymen for having the audacity to
“escape” from a government-sanctioned COVID internment camp. The camps
have been described in a more positive, but false light by the press
and government officials as “quarantine hotels,” but it is most
certainly an internment facility, as leaving is not allowed, and it
carries a fine and lengthy prison sentence.
The Hill reported: “The person was charged with failing to comply with
New Zealand’s coronavirus health order. Under a new law passed last
year, he could face a fine or up to six months in jail if convicted.”
The country’s police and military services are installing security
checkpoints throughout New Zealand in an effort to make sure citizens
are not traveling during the lockdown. Freely traveling during the
lockdown now carries a massive fine and/or prison sentence as

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