Freedom of Speech: Islam Goes Apeshit over Charlie Hebdo Muhammad Cartoons Repub, Quran Eating, and Successful Critical Analysis

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West (incl Biden) should have read Islam's source code
before importing 100k's trojans, among other things.
Planned result or not, expect more slaughter in streets...

Experts Warn ISIS-K Planning To Exploit "Refugee" Wave To Send
Terrorists To The West

Experts are warning that ISIS-K is preparing to exploit the refugee
wave created by the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan to infiltrate
terrorists into the west in a repeat of what happened following the
previous migrant surge in 2015.

While authorities are attempting to vet the thousands of Afghans
entering western countries by holding them in interim countries like
the UAE while checks are performed, many don’t have identity papers or
have faked them.

    “It is to be expected al-Qaeda or Daesh-based Afghanistan would
have tried and have some of their members obtain access onto the
flights leaving Afghanistan to Europe and the counter-terrorism
authorities will be aware of this,” said Dr David Lowe, a senior
research fellow at Leeds Beckett University Law School and head of a
consultancy business in terrorism and security.

However, according to counter-terrorism expert David Otto, determined
jihadists could still slip through the net and there is “little that
is being done” to protect Europe from ISIS-K sleeper cells.

    “Europe and the West are at high risk of terrorist attack from
individuals who have sneaked themselves into the country posing as
affiliated to the US,” said Otto.

Dr Jassim Mohamad, head of the European Centre for Counter-Terrorism
and Intelligence Studies in Bonn, also pointed out that even if an
individual is determined to be a threat, countries such as Germany are
forbidden by law from sending them back to Afghanistan.

“Dangerous persons may be subjected to supervision, but none of them
will be imprisoned, and residency status may remain temporary or
limited,” said Mohamad.

“[One] can only rely on documents and previous records,” said Otto.
“With the collapse of the Afghanistan government there has been
concerns of people faking documents to make it through. This is one of
the reasons the US has taken steps to process individuals from third
party countries to control the risk. Despite these measures, groups
like ISIS-K and al-Qaeda will encourage its sympathisers to beat the

Following the previous refugee crisis, when over a million mostly
economic migrants entered Europe, ISIS bragged about how it had
exploited porous borders to sneak jihadists into the west.

This led directly to multiple mass casualty terror attacks, including
the Paris massacre.

The Manchester Arena bomber Salman Abedi was also rescued from Libya
as a “refugee” by the British Royal Navy.

As we previously highlighted, observers are expecting large numbers of
people to continue to leave Afghanistan, with one diplomat warning
“not even tanks” can stop them.

A report by the Center for Strategic and International Studies also
warned that the 2021 Afghan refugee crisis could make the 2015 refugee
crisis look like a “geopolitical walk in the park” in comparison.

Over a thousand boat migrants arrived in England yesterday alone, many
of whom originated in Afghanistan.

While the media laboriously focuses on the odd baby or child who
arrives with the group, the vast majority of arrivals continue to be
fighting age young men.

Nobody knows who they are, most of them don’t have papers, and they
are just allowed into the country and put up at taxpayer expense in 4
star hotels.

    Once saw a photographer in Dover put his camera down and walk away
while a load of migrants were coming in. I asked why he wasn't
photographing it, he told me: "they're all men, the papers only buy
the pictures if there are women or children onboard."
    — Benjamin Loughnane (@Loknayn) September 6, 2021

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