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Tue Sep 7 18:41:41 PDT 2021

> Australian State Plans To "Lock Out" Unvaccinated

Politicians always exposing their maniacal intents,
too bad so few people among the billions ever notice
all the words they let slip exposing themselves...

"Be scared of everyone, don't talk to friends or family, don't be friendly..."

Fuck that. Hello World.

Australian health chief Dr. Kerry Chant says that COVID will be with
us “forever” and people will have to “get used to” taking endless
booster vaccines.

The New South Wales Chief Health Officer made the alarming comments
during a recent press conference.

“We need to get used to being vaccinated with COVID vaccines for the
future … I can’t see COVID is not going to be with us forever,” said
Chant said during a press conference last week.

    Dr Chant
    “We need to get used to being vaccinated with covid vaccines for
the future “
    — Razorback1111 (@razorback11111) August 30, 2021

“As a public health doctor we always want to have diseases go, to be
totally eliminated, but that is not on the horizon in the near
future,” she continued. “Booster doses and repeat doses will be part
of it.”

“I can assure you that the commonwealth government has purchased large
quantities of vaccine into 2022 and this will be a regular cycle of
vaccination and revaccination as we learn more about when immunity

In a separate answer to a reporter, Chant again asserted that people
“will be getting vaccinated regularly” against COVID.

    Dr Chant ,
    “What I really need to do is get that second dose into people “
    — Razorback1111 (@razorback11111) September 2, 2021

Given that Australians were previously told authorities “wouldn’t
hesitate” to go door to door to carry out COVID tests, what’s to stop
them doing the same thing for vaccines?

As we previously highlighted, the infamously stern-faced Chant
previously warned Aussies that they shouldn’t even be talking to their
own friends and neighbors, even if they’re wearing a mask.

    “Whilst it’s human nature to engage in conversation with others,
to be friendly, unfortunately this is not the time to do that,” said

    “So even if you run into your next door neighbor in the shopping
center…don’t start up a conversation, now is the time for minimizing
your interactions with others, even if you’ve got a mask, do not think
that affords total protection,” she added.

Australia continues to pursue a disastrous ‘zero COVID’ policy
enforced via endless lockdowns that have characterized the country as
a “prison island” with no escape anywhere on the horizon.

Anyone who challenges the policy via protests faces fines of up to
$11,000 dollars while police have also carried out home visits to
people who merely promote anti-lockdown demonstrations via social

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