Lists of Political Prisoners, or of Would-Be Regimes of Force?

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Tue Sep 7 13:50:47 PDT 2021

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Surely there are many such lists, and many fine among them.

Yet often "political prisoners" are representing from just another
violent political party, ideology, and or religion that is competing to
install its own brand of rulership, deadly force, non-freedom,
taxation, non-voluntary lifes, controlled economies, ministries,
wars, etc... all the while claiming to be about "freedom"... over
peaceful peoples who wish to be left free from such force and
have no desire to exert any over anyone.

Even democracy, democratic governments, are indeed force...
with both democracy and dictators each liking to imprison the other
in order to claim the throne of rulership and enact their own
monopolies of murder and more throughout the lands.

And of today's prison population, many note such global penchant
for incarceration is unwarranted, costly, counter-productive, has
better alternatives, etc.

On another level...

Let not the evil of force be freed, seeded, and watered among you,
lest it become another's, or one's own, imprisoner.

As they say,
Peace, Love, and Voluntaryism.

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