Jeremy Hammond needs killing ( My 2k USD$ )

professor rat pro2rat at
Tue Sep 7 10:29:06 PDT 2021

"... Via a Apr 13, 2019 post from his support team, Jeremy, while in prison,
called Assadnge a “sexist white supremacist who helped Trump win the
election” ..."

ASSHAT was a sexist, antisemitic elitist - or ' fascist ' for short - in 2010-11 when Jeremy decided to try and help him.  Then helping Trump could have been a necessary corollary of hindering Hillary - something I've argued warrants all cypherpunks solidarity and support should it ever be proved beyond doubt that WL swung that election. 
Now to Twitter - in the last two years of his misrule Donald Dumbfuck was being given a free-pass on this corrupt platform. So by 2019 Twitter was a key part of the fascist Trump regime. A 'key part'! If Twitter rules were enforced earlier thousands of lives could have been saved.

You're making a case here Hammond is so stupid and incompetent he deserves to be kneecapped.  Was that your intention?  I'm not inclined to lift my fatwa just on this one bathetic email.

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