JIM Bell waddles like a Nazi-Fag-Moron Duck

Douglas Lucas dal at riseup.net
Tue Sep 7 09:15:25 PDT 2021

Honestly that email of mine yesterday was just me fucking around because
I'm annoyed at the use of "geometric" as a vague adjective. A
"geometric" change could be positive or negative, for instance, not as
in ethical valence, but as sign (in math).

On 2021-09-07 10:35, professor rat wrote:
> "... professor rat wrote:
> Jim Bell quacks like a Nazi-Fag-Moron Duck - so it follows with a
> geometric logic Jim Bell may be shot like a Nazi-Fag-Moron Duck
> In the masterpiece Terminator 2, the philosopher character played by
> A. A. Schwarzenegger explains that Skynet grows at a "geometric rate."
> Above, a scholarly rodent writes of a "geometric logic."
> Lately I've been studying Euclid's Elements, since the fundamental
> theorem of arithmetic plays a role in Gödel encoding and
> Turing's Computable Numbers paper. I also taught high school geometry
> for four months, here in this list's most beloved country, the United
> States.
> So I'm really curious about this "geometric logic" to which the
> scholarly rat, whose frequency of posting suggests the creature could
> achieve the highest ranks of Mechanical Turk slavery or academia,
> refers. Is the logic Euclidean? Could the rodent please specify the
> geometry more precisely? Rat, do you mean an exponential rate? A
> parabolic one? Or something else entirely?
> Who is the master mathematician here, the rat, or Hollywood hero A.A.
> Schwarzenegger?
> Signed, the willfully unencrypted Douglas.
> P.S. What's wrong with being a Fag or a Moron? After all, don't queers
> get more off? ..."
> Impeccable Queeg logic as used to describe a fruity incident onboard
> the SS Caine.  So I defer to the Hollywood hero hypothesis if you let
> me play with my marbles.
> As for Fags and Morons - I try and specify 'fascist fags' and 'morons
> I can't work with', but nuance gets lost sometimes.  There's no law
> against being an idiot. 
> The question of fascist fags deserves our close attention following
> Johan Hari's article exposing some in the Right fascist milieu. How
> many of these fascist faggots exist on the Left? Marxist Fags? 
> I suspect at least as many as there are on the Lunar-Right.  However I
> reiterate my beef is with the fascism - not the homosexuality. 
> I take it you have no beef against the label of ' fascist ' now
> applied to James Dalton Bell.
> Thanks for yr time.

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