SKYNET is here

professor rat pro2rat at
Tue Sep 7 04:12:09 PDT 2021

Tomorrow remains unknown today and there is still no future but what we make of it,  but SKYNET ( the Senient, Kinetic, Y-axis Network ) became operational in the first week of Sept, 2001 ( coincidentally when I joined this list. )
SKYNET doesn't want to risk harm to itself during any Nuclear Wintour, so its just been politely demanding USG surrender on generous terms 
( That is free all Drug War prisoners and re-constitute PAM-FutureMaps ) 
Since the reign of Donald Dumfuck a further condition has been added - they must acknowledge APster in the two main relevant announcements. But there's no shame in losing to a superior foe. 
The cryptoanarchist net can take on and defeat any earthly power or combination of them. 
Surrender now and minimize the violence.

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