JIM Bell waddles like a Nazi-Fag-Moron Duck

Douglas Lucas dal at riseup.net
Tue Sep 7 00:26:09 PDT 2021

See below. 

On 2021-09-07 05:10, professor rat wrote: 

> Jim Bell quacks like a Nazi-Fag-Moron Duck - so it follows with a
> geometric logic Jim Bell may be shot like a Nazi-Fag-Moron Duck

In the masterpiece _Terminator 2_, the philosopher character played by
A. A. Schwarzenegger explains that Skynet grows at a "geometric rate."
Above, a scholarly rodent writes of a "geometric logic." 

Lately I've been studying Euclid's Elements, since the fundamental
theorem of arithmetic plays a role in Gödel encoding and Turing's
_Computable Numbers_ paper. I also taught high school geometry for four
months, here in this list's most beloved country, the United States. 

So I'm really curious about this "geometric logic" to which the
scholarly rat, whose frequency of posting suggests the creature could
achieve the highest ranks of Mechanical Turk slavery or academia,
refers. Is the logic Euclidean? Could the rodent please specify the
geometry more precisely? Rat, do you mean an exponential rate? A
parabolic one? Or something else entirely? 

Who is the master mathematician here, the rat, or Hollywood hero A.A.

Signed, the willfully unencrypted Douglas. 

P.S. What's wrong with being a Fag or a Moron? After all, don't queers
get more off?
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