IBM: Telus CPU - 8 Cores, 7nm, 5 GHz, 512MB L2, Mainframe I/O, Apps Galore

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Sep 6 20:43:18 PDT 2021

Last week IBM announced their next generation mainframe CPU Telum.
Manufactured by Samsung's 7nm node, each Telum processor has 8 cores
with each core running at a base 5GHz. Two processors are combined in
a package similar to AMD's chiplet design. A drawer in each mainframe
can hold 4 packages (sockets), and the mainframe can hold 4 drawers
for combined 256 cores.

Different from previous generations, there is no dedicated L3 or L4
cache. Instead each core has a 32MB L2 cache that can pool to become a
256MB L3 "virtual" cache on the same processor or 2GB L4 "virtual"
cache on the same drawer. Also included to help with AI is a on-die
but not on-core inference accelerator running at 6TFLOPS using Intel's
AVX-512 to communicate with the cores.

The predecessor IBM z15 chip was designed to enable industry-leading
seven nines availability for IBM Z and LinuxONE systems. Telum is
engineered to further improve upon availability with key innovations
including a redesigned 8-channel memory interface capable of
tolerating complete channel or DIMM failures and designed to
transparently recover data without impact to response time.

IBM reportedly excited to sell apps for their customer's novel use cases...

More legacy apps they refuse to pull from production...

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