Libertarians Running in US-CA Gov Recall, Larry Elder Leading Polls

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sat Sep 4 23:39:41 PDT 2021

Are those machines #OpenHW made in #OpenFabs under #OpenAudit? No!
Do you have the source code to all the microcode, firmware, software
those machines are running? No!
Can any vendor, including you, supply them pursuant to an open spec? No!
Are those machines printing serialized paper copies for both you and
the election op? No!
Are humans counting the paper comparing to the machine? No!
Can you open, inspect, observe, audit, ask for any election
[meta]data, anything, etc? No!
Etc...? No!
Can you find massive holes in all that, mailed ballots, procedures, etc? Yes!

Then you are being defrauded somewhere, absolutely
in trust, and not least by all the money they keep
stealing from you to keep buying multiple generations
and politicians favored vendor contracts worth of such
computer junk.

Nothing has changed of note regarding CA or the candidates,
yet all of a sudden in a week or so, recall is now odds off.

Obviously the Recall Election is now being undermined with
massive DemLeftSocComMarx money and influence and
BigTechMediaSocial-Ops waging in from outside the State,
and as before outside the Country.

You'd be better off replacing such colossal political power
ventures of deadly "democracy" force being applied to you,
with something NAP compatible.

Peace, Love, and Anarchy.

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