Coronavirus: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sat Sep 4 23:00:14 PDT 2021

> Crazies such as those in Texas, believe they have the freedom to infect their kid and your kids with coronavirus, but women shouldn’t have the freedom to control their own bodies.
> Fuck that noise.

"Save our children"... what a load of propaganda FUD bullshit.
Nor are kids dying hardly at all, rather mostly old fat
diseased unhealthy people are, just as they always do.
Doesn't mean you won't die, you might, that's life, do you.

That article is full of shit, FUDmongering, and wishes other people's,
their own, and indeed State's Force, upon you growing ever more
forever, and those proffering it in such ways are the same.

If you believe Masks and Vax work, then definitely do those
to protect yourself. It's therein irrelevant what others do,
so leave them the fuck alone, let them die, it's their choice,
and you get all their stuff money and land and water etc when
they do, less "carbon emissions" too, except from their
rotting carcass.

If you don't believe Mask Vax or anything else works,
then no amount of forcing others to do your bidding
is going to keep you "safe"... it's illogical, you're not
putting a bug that has no cure back in the box, it will
always be out there creeping around and in various forms.
Your best option then, other than getting it, is to keep your
own self sealed up at home, forever... because someone out
there somewhere someday will always be carrying, wafting,
touching, etc some random bug your way, everywhere you
go, including your retirement home, and sooner or later,
you will be in contact with them and it, and you will die,
but probably dying first from all the debilitating stress
abject Fear and FUD and depressing loss of freedom
you're letting them inject you with 24x365.

Live Free, or die.
That is the only way to live.

ps: If you all weren't such Statists, you would have never allowed
public school systems and their violence and indoctrination
and money theft for themselves, to take over... you would
have lots of choices fully private, diverse, inexpensive schools
to choose from, including communal volunteer groups of parents,
and home schooling... the full range of options, including mimicing
public schools in private form... totally separate, free from, and
paying no mind to any State. Then you can send your
kids to private Vax Mask Statism School, or anywhere else,
thus ending all such stupid fights in the article.

None of this was a problem in all of flexible human history,
until the State and its Authoritarians popped up and infected
everything everywhere with its universal plan for baloney and force.

"Iowa, South Carolina, Utah, Oklahoma, and Tennessee"
sound more free than California, whose Recall Election is
currently being undermined with massive DemLeftSocComMarx
money and influence and BigTechMediaSocial-Ops waging
in from outside the State.

"are banning local school districts from imposing"

Notice their attempt to make "local" sound somehow pure and
wholesome... no, "local" public schools are 100% owned and
run by the State, thus anyone "banning" them from imposing
any force on anyone is actually a move toward more literal
freedom for people.

Peace, Love, Anarchy.

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