Antisocial cypherpunks considered harmful

professor rat pro2rat at
Sat Sep 4 20:53:54 PDT 2021

"... disrespectful to Jim Bell and Assange. Even though they're both important cypherpunk,.."

I've argued long and loud over many years that Julio stopped being potentially significant by 2011 ( Late 2010, technically ) The only way he could be significant now is to prove he swung the 2016 election - a severe attribution problem. So after all the key WL people left him he's been a liability. A real drawback for the last decade which is an eternity in net years.

Now as to Jim Bell. There is importance in his APster idea so long as its applied in the real world - at Stiffs Dotcom, for example, and by others - at the moment that's still more of a potential importance for anarchism since STIFFS is very apolitical. Then Bell has associated recently - since 2016 - with the far Right ( Like Assmange has for over a decade! )
Associating crypto-anarchy with the Lunar Right is the work of wreckers and cops.
Also from a marketing point of view, if Randite, Paultard Austro-libertarianism was a brand of dog-food they would be taking it off the shelves. 

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