Coronavirus: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sat Sep 4 20:51:26 PDT 2021

> ivermectin

The only treatment that works, the only rightful medical choice,
is the one that works for you, ie personally, your choice.

Is that any of the above?
Is that vax, mask, stay home, doctor consult, a good witches brew?
Is that complying yourself to State orders, subjugating yourself
to other people forcing you to be tracked, passed, registered,
discriminated, fired for breaking random protocol of the day, etc?
Is that nothing at all?

You decide, for you, solely you, taken alone, singular.

The rest of human existance will do and survive just fine with
or without you, and certainly far better without your force,
and deadly enforcement of it, being pressed upon them.

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