AHAD - Acoustic Hailing and Disruption... Silence Your Frenemies ;)

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Sat Sep 4 12:05:40 PDT 2021


For when annoying aggropunks violate your quiet zone ;)

A form of non-lethal weapon, the new electronic device effectively
repeats a speaker's own voice back at them, and only them, while they
attempt to talk. It was developed, and patented back in 2019 but has
only recently been discovered, according to a report by the New
Scientist. The main idea of the weapon is to disorientate a target so
much that they will be unable to communicate effectively with other

Called acoustic hailing and disruption (AHAD), the weapon is able to
record speech and instantly broadcast it at a target in milliseconds.
Much like an annoying sibling, this action will disrupt the target's
concentration, and, in theory, discourage them from continuing to
speak. As for the technical details of the device, a quick review of
its patent is very interesting indeed. "According to an illustrative
embodiment of the present disclosure, a target's speech is directed
back to them twice, once immediately and once after a short delay.
This delay creates delayed auditory feedback (DAF), which alters the
speaker's normal perception of their own voice. In normal speech, a
speaker hears their own words with a slight delay, and the body is
accustomed to this feedback. By introducing another audio feedback
source with a sufficiently long delay, the speaker's concentration is
disrupted and it becomes difficult to continue speaking."

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