Activists can help anarchists

professor rat pro2rat at
Fri Sep 3 18:20:30 PDT 2021

Not every activist is cut out to be an anarchist and that's okay - pacifism - for example, is part of any effective diversity-of-tactics response to the states typical divide-and-rule. 

Effective activists don't try to never ever do anything stupid - they just try hard never to do anything stupid twice.

Now what is this global conspiracy to keep people ill I speak of today?

The one where a very guilty looking defendant -  whose been a terrible activist from an anarchist perspective - calls on psychiatrists and their mother to beg for mercy. 
I call this the Skase defense based on Christopher Skase.

So, while this is global in the sense its going on in the US and the UK, its not ' globalization' as demonized entity and master conspiracy. And its a typically localized conspiracy confined to a few shyster lawyers willing to act as " Devils Advocates ' ( Like Glenin Gangrene who defended a known Nazi )
Still, anyone who doesn't like their pet large conspiracies defrauding people should be consistent and dislike smaller ones too; Yes?

Personally I couldn't care less about the ' Zoo' of large conspiracy theories. If there was really anything to them anarchists would all be encouraging propaganda-of-the-deed again.

Kill the head and the body will die.  Sic semper tyranus. 

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