Disruption Strategies [was Re: Fw: Batshit Crazy OD's on Horse Dewormer]

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Fri Sep 3 18:00:40 PDT 2021

Several cypherpunks have had list-related material cited at our trials - " Assassination Politics " was raised for Jim Bell, then Carl Johnson ( CJ ) then myself.  Quelle surprise LEO's might be trying to disrupt their perceived enemies!
Twenty years later - an eternity in net years - the question is what is anyone going to do about it.

Become a whiney little bitch?  Like Gramps? Part of a batshit circle of eunuchs?

Or fight back like a man.

TIMOTHY " An anonymous computerized market will even make possible abhorrent markets for assassinations and extortion " C. MAY 1992

TIM " I guess now that the Pentagon is setting up a murder pool it can't be illegal for us to do it " MAY. 2003
Also from 2003...

Someone called ' Coderman ' possibly isn't even a Cypherpunk - they belong at Coderpunks; yes?

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