FreeSpeech and Censorship: Thread

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Fri Sep 3 04:44:03 PDT 2021

Cypherpunks, the once Grand Authors of Manifesto's Against
Censorship, now Refuse to Stand Up and Make Statements
against Censorship as Censorship's Deadly Grip Closes
In all Around Them, Crushing their Pathetically Small Nuts.

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman Backstabs Dissent,
Goes Even More Full Censor Leftist...  Steve Huffman The Satanist Loves Human Cannibalism   No New Normal

Reddit Bans Vaccine-Skeptic Subreddit r/NoNewNormal - Days After CEO
Said He Wouldn't

Last week, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman (u/spez) said that the site will
not ban covid-19 misinformation because it values "dissent."

Huffman, who once moderated a subreddit on cannibalism, said that
while the site will encourage users to seek authoritative information
on Covid-19 from the CDC, it would not stop people from posting
content that runs counter to government guidelines.

"Dissent is a part of Reddit and the foundation of democracy. Reddit
is a place for open and authentic discussion and debate," Huffman
wrote in a lengthy post.

Huffman's note came in response to dozens of subreddits having gone
'private' protest the vaccine and mask-skeptic 'r/NoNewNormal'
subreddit - vowing to stay locked until it was banned from the
Locked subreddit in protest of r/NoNewNormal (via The Verge)

On Wednesday, Reddit did just that, banning NoNewNormal. Admin
'worstnerd' posted an even lengthier screed defending their
about-face. In it, he accuses NoNewNormal users - without evidence -
of 'brigading' other forums (invading them to cause trouble).
r/NoNewNormal screenshot, 8/30/2021 via

In short, Reddit used an evidence-free claim to banish a forum which
had 120,000 members engaging in "open and authentic discussion and
debate" over vaccines, masks, and authoritarianism.

In addition, Reddit also 'quarantined' 54 other subreddits associated
with vaccine and mask hesitancy, removing them from site-wide searches
and in some cases, forcing users to verify their email address before
they can view quarantined content. Prior to its ban, NoNewNormal had
been quarantined.

The revolution will not be televised. Or tweeted. Or posted on Reddit,
Facebook, YouTube, or virtually any other big tech platform. And the
left - former champions of free speech and resisting authority, has
become the very useful idiots they once mocked.

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