professor turd's choices

Punk-BatSoup-Stasi 2.0 punks at
Thu Sep 2 13:59:12 PDT 2021

	plan A) professor turd uses his iturdphone from crapple inc to download the 'augur app', sets up some bets or whatever, and brings down govcorp!

	OK, maybe his crapple phone is actually owned by his master cook so he can't install the augur 'app' and augur is an idiotic censored joke anyway?

	don't panick! We have plan B!

	plan B) professor turd, being the emperor of cypherpunks, uses his coding skills to write his own fascist murder 'smart contracts' 'platform' on the 'ethereum blockchain'. 

	wait what, the turd doesn't even know how to properly send emails? 
	not a problem either! We have plan C!!

	plan C) professor turd uses his 'bitcoin holdings' to pay for the job of coding the uncensorable, ethereum, fascist murder 'market' 

	So, now, this worthless piece of non human jew-fascist shit pro2rat at can follow the above laid out plan and prove that he is the supreme ruler of 'cypherpunks', or get lost forever. 

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