Tor Stinks: TorrentFreak: Movie Companies Want VPNs to Log User Data and Disconnect Pirates

grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu Sep 2 02:53:02 PDT 2021

On 9/1/21, Steven Schear <schear.steve at> wrote:
> The Nym network, based on Loopix, should operational very soon.

NYM's loop detection mechanism is potential
form of validation feedback regarding link hops,
but may fall short of being rate enforcement
and reclocking (nym seems to say that links
may not follow rule of fulltime C + W = 100),
without that and some form of rate and clock
management and enforcement,  traffic patterns
will still be as observable as a ratboy passing
through a snake.

NYM seems more generic dev-platformish,
MAID-SAFE seems more storage-ish,
neither seem to offer an alternative to tor
for users to browse the clearnet automagically,
ie would require clunky nature of adding
edge services similar to false.i2p, perhaps
even requiring special new browser clients.

The subject thread is more about browsing clearnet,
connecting to and using clearnet services,
imaginably including cryptocurrency nodes,
email, IRC, BT, SSH, VOIP, XMPP, etc.

Though any new network that is trying to
address traffic analysis would be good to study
and or incorporate from into new projects.

There are many people selling various privacy boxes,
some are VPN's, some are Tor, some are other overlays, etc...

Like any good Corporation, MaidSafe makes
grand, false, and dangerous claims right
on its front page...
"Total Privacy, Absolute Security."
"browse and download completely anonymously"
"can’t be shut down, controlled, or censored"
"have it stored securely forever"

Now what other Corporation has also been quoted and still
making the same sort of overall ridiculous and fraudulent
claims on its frontpage and elsewhere... oh, that's right, the ...

Tor Project Incorporated

Tor censorbans people for publicly pointing that out for
safety consideration of its users, and Tor refuses to add
proper warning caveats to such claims on their pages.

Seems the truth must be bad for busine$$.

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