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Tue Nov 30 20:49:12 PST 2021

 jim bell <jdb10987 at> wrote:
> > I blame, in large part, the people whose apparent timidity kept the vaccines away from kids under 18,

	oh and by the way, this is yet another proof showing what kind of fake libertarian, true US corporatist Jim is. See, anybody can claim he's a 'libertarian', but actually applying the principles is a wholly different matter. 

	Virtually everything he's said about the fascist flu farse so far has been completely fucked up. He's advocated and supported 'thermal' surveillance, and wanted joogle-NSA to do exactly the sort of fascist surveillance that joogle-NSA does. The only time he deviated slightly from standard pentagon marketing is when he mentioned a non-vaccine 'treatment' for the non-existent common cold plandemic.

	Jim has said he's isn't qualified to comment on the fascist AIDS farce, but somehow he's 'qualified' to parrot every single lie his pfizer masters want him to parrot. Now, one has to ask, what sort of 'libertarian' believes the world should be ruled by pfizer? Well the typical  US fake libertarian of course.

	According to Jim's 'libertarianism' there's no such thing as freedom, only Pfizer's Science. 

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