Shall we gather in the meadows?

professor rat pro2rat at
Tue Nov 30 19:57:02 PST 2021

Cryptoanarchy wants to run wild, naked and free over the sundappled uplands of direct-democracy. 

Why don't the cyber-liberty crowd take their permissionless, decentralized scarcity and shove it up their e-gold-plated-krugerand arse?

This Big Dog bs is ready for a Mitt-Romney chauffeured ride to the deep North. Cryptoanarchist enough technology is worthless without a revolutionary anarchist narrative driving it. 

Too weakminded to even be dangerous. Good riddance to Jackass Jack Dorsey and that Jackass dollar-friendly dog of a stock he rode in on. 

 Meadows cooperating with January 6 investigators
1 hour ago
Another one bites the dust.

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