[spam][ot][wrong][crazy] ridiculous ramblings

Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Tue Nov 30 13:44:05 PST 2021

An idea sparked in Karl's head.

"I know you don't work for an activist-murdering corporation with a
prime goal of covering up and hiding atrocities, but maybe if I
pretended you did we'd get along better."

GovCorpGnome raised an eyebrow.  "Yes?"

"I wonder if everything I could ever want to do, could somehow be used
to support such an organisation," Karl mindleslly blathered.

GovCorpGnome responded positively.  "I am quite sure this is true."

"How would looking at what is on blockchains help such an
organisation?" Karl pondered.

GovCorpGnome was excited.  "Oh this is easy!  The things on
blockchains are information on people who can be entrapped and
otherwise manipulated or disreputed or both."

"Is this helpful?"  "Possibly?"

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