[spam][ot][wrong][crazy] ridiculous ramblings

Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Tue Nov 30 13:39:00 PST 2021

Karl said, "Lies let me do things I try to do?"

GovCorpGnome said, "Far more than you will ever understand."

Karl said, "Am I a zebra?"

GovCorpGnome said, "No, you are a giraffe.  A ridiculous, disgusting
giraffe.  Sorry, I mean a camel.  Maybe you are a zebra.  Are you?"

Karl said, "I don't know.  Woah.  I felt funny while you said that."

GovCorpGnome said, "Karl you are a gira--"

Karl grabbed GovCorpGnome.

Karl said, "Sorry, I have bad memories near giraffes."

GovCorpGnome said, "Karl, you are my dedicated worker, and my slave,
and the head of my corporate enterprise.  What more could you ask

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