Cryptocurrency: Proofs and DEX and Competition [re: PoX Screws Bitcoin, Adulterates Blockchain]

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Nov 29 22:37:01 PST 2021

> Given high fab cost of entry and preferential downstream channels,
> ASIC hard would be better. But you can still coordinate to buy a
> priority fab slot using a crowdfund non-profit doing #OpenHW spec
> and sales model to randomly distribute the output under #OpenAudit.
> ...
> But if people want to know about problems with PoS, or
> anything else, they should first do some self searches...
> negative = flaws, holes, exploits, bad, fails, weakness, economic
> attacks, disincentives, sellout, aggregation risks, sybil attacks,
> 51%, bribery, censorship, corruptive governance, maligned interests,
> etc

People can use positive terms or other queries in
their searches if they want.

It is of course beyond foolish to move the entire ecosystem onto
one class of proof, especially under retarded arguments like energy,
that itself being far less than all GovBankMil [and other waste] combined.
And many blended proofs, and new alternative proofs, will also continue
to be discovered and used, as are DAG's and other structures.
Still early days therein, here's a random one among many...

Crypto's eventual displacement of GovBankMil will also
remove those needless and violent parties as risk factors
and legacy prime competitors that todays proofs must still
expend many cycles in defense of.

Advent of atomic and other anonymous cross-coin cross-layer-0
DEX systems will bleed pressure off all of todays hot debates,
becoming the frictionless peaceful route to global value discovery.
As such, such DEX are the single most important technology
that still needs to be researched and rolled out, ASAP.

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