USA 2020 Elections: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sat Nov 27 10:37:21 PST 2021

>>> Biden the Creepy Pedo
>> like Hunter Biden's Real Laptop full of drugs
>> "underage" sex geopolitical bizdeals secret email accounts
>> and 10% for TheBigGuy... BigTechMedia has buried,
>> censored, and refused to investigate this story too.
>> This little girl explains what Joe Biden did to her in front
>> of the nation that no one caught including her parents.
> Internet says Joe Biden is quite the China Corrupt and PedoSexual Abuser.
> And the Corrupt Fake News and Social Media covered it all up the last
> few weeks before the 2020 Elections. World's most corrupt and disgusting
> political Party, Family, and Man got Fraudulently Elected. Corrupt FBI
> grabs and buries all the hard evidence.


> National File has already reported several revelations from the diary,
> including the fact that the author believes she was sexually molested
> as a child and shared “probably not appropriate” showers with her father

Ashley Biden
Maria Piacesi  CNN Protects Pedo Biden Family  CNN Protects Laptop
Hunter Biden Family

Two accusers in their own words, two known coverups and censorship.

You decide.

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