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Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Fri Nov 26 10:56:16 PST 2021

I have a superpower!  I can pause blockchains.  I bet there is some
place in the world where this would benefit me somehow.

It's presently 1659 UTC and the latest block at
https://bsvbook.guarda.co/blocks is dated 1622 .  Maybe the difficulty
rose too much because such frequent blocks were made, dunno.

my code is still sitting there waiting, and a small part of my body
feels crazy, itchy, uncomfortable, etc.  ouch.

e7e2b0b8b9ae57518ff69d93286f4814a42e4e252b14bb6714cd37c14cd29aaa in mempool

let's visit more block explorers and see if they say the same thing.

bitinfocharts.com hasn't registered a new bsv block since august

whatsonchain.com looks the same as guarda.co

tokenview.com has bsv stalled since august

blockchair.com also has a 40 minute current blocktime.

i'll check out a bsv discussion channel and see if anyone's gossiped
about it.  oops!  my phone is not here, which means i have to figure
out how to get my body to stand up and get it, to use it.  luckily,
that gives more time for the transaction to be confirmed.

i could also do other work while waiting, but i might try to get the phone.

i can pretend i am in charge of the blockchain and try to cajole it
into pausing for like 4 hours.

it's 1204 EST, 1704 UTC.  my tx is still in the mempool according to
my untested code.  whoops! a block was mined.

code doesn't work.  tx was confirmed and the code didn't notice.  whoopsie.


1215 i fixed a buncha typos and such.  waiting again on the mempool.
last bsv block was at 715219 and its headerhex was
it was 4 minutes ago so it's a bit of a wait to the next block.  i'd
like to find a way to ... um ... do an organizational bit i'm excited
about.  [wrap the headerhex in a header object].  but vim file is
oipened running test.  i'll look at it.  1217

1219 .  i've opened the file and looked at it a bit.  i want to pull
the header code out of the function using it, to reuse it elsewhere.
1221 making progress on that

1227 .  i drafted it and am running a simultaneous test.  i should
commit my code because i have the same file opened readwrite in two
vim sessions and it could be lost i udnno.  still have typos to fix.

awww man there was a new block and my code didn't notice.

1230 i'm confounded on why i don't see notifications, and handling
cognitive/dissociative issues trying to engage it.

1230 i'm just running my test script again to look at it.  i'd like to
add debugging output so it shows messages sent to peers.

1240 well my second test emitted an error: "airopcx.jsonrpc.RPCError:
(-101, 'excessive resource usage')".  maybe i'll look at what causes
that in electrumx's source.

1241 it happens from ExcessiveSessionCostError

1243 which seems to be raised associated with a 'target' member variable

1244 which is wrapped in concurrency variables which perform somem
math based on cost membver variables.  cost is incremented each rpc
call, so i infer i hit a dynamic threshhold due to excessive rpc

i noticed in the source that one rpc call didn't have cost calculated,
looked like a bug.  could game the code and use it, probably just
missed where it was calculated, better to find a general solution.

1246 looking at my output it roughly looks like my code got itself
into an infinite loop

1253 not infinite, just too big.  need to cache blockheaders at some point.

1257 kinda looks like my event subscriptions are failing.  better
assume they work less and reengage them.

1304 ok, so scripthash events appear to be at least getting received
by the network ...

i'm guessing i just need to wait for this block to be mined and see if
i get an event for it ...  10 minutes so far.

1309 still waitin' on this block, the time of which is at 15 minutes
now.  it seems simpler to me to wait i guess.

1311 here are the blocks since the last paste.  it's currently 1811 UTC

Height	Hash	Timestamp	Transactions	Size (kB)
715226	000000000000000002a7b33fb0ae8f5b062d7cfcc5a31f800cdc84ee3b7ead7c	Fri,
26 Nov 2021 17:54:36 UTC	1282	5194671
715225	00000000000000000b1a746236184f7821fbd329a54d430cd23dd1881d4b9d72	Fri,
26 Nov 2021 17:45:41 UTC	5093	8605199
715224	00000000000000000a45091d100509ddfc2edbbdc00adbd0971f5a4dd9ee3796	Fri,
26 Nov 2021 17:39:36 UTC	206	1351528
715223	00000000000000000e468af0b0fe2a53f341c49a5e608846ac304e5022693453	Fri,
26 Nov 2021 17:36:36 UTC	1408	3337843
715222	00000000000000000a77a4b30ec923d433b7f46c10025d6092c53184afea5b30	Fri,
26 Nov 2021 17:30:42 UTC	65	33492
715221	00000000000000000904f88ab5677d6164bbbbd805f4b81f5368424750f6e83c	Fri,
26 Nov 2021 17:29:41 UTC	5944	9065381
715220	00000000000000000004692be05e06df0d9ffa6777a0021d76edf8d24f21b3e9	Fri,
26 Nov 2021 17:24:36 UTC	951	6526040
715219	00000000000000000d2f29a32789f562619e945117f13537f70ae8822e9d10b1	Fri,
26 Nov 2021 17:11:41 UTC	16119	408120930
715218	0000000000000000008709a0219243a68cfd4fde849b2d2fe7d636799f151cdd	Fri,
26 Nov 2021 17:03:36 UTC	3609	12026131
715217	0000000000000000064f1d483c1a3937e2b60db84cadd0f7d886063a5131cfd9	Fri,
26 Nov 2021 16:22:41 UTC	52	557346

my first test block was 41 minutes mining.  there have been a number
of faster blocks since.  block times are erratic, but when you're
paranoid you think randomness is out to get you.



if block times _were_ out to get me, then randomness would be in
trouble, wouldn't it, because the algorithm would respond by reducing
the difficulty and speeding the mining.  like yanking on a timeline to
make there be a different president and having it spring back like a
rubber band and smack something.  hopefully our timelines are not
musical instruments, which get plucked a lot in a lot of different


if the block time is 41 minutes again, then i can expect the block at
....18:35 UTC.  that's only 20 minutes away!



starting to develop some energy around working two tasks here.


i made a half crazy post to twitter while building pytorch from
source.  gnome-terminal segfaulted.  gnome-shell segfaulted.  my
system started thrashing and grinding to a halt.  i have added more
swap and booted things back up, etc etc.  haven't rebooted.


other things have just come up in my life, so i'll commit the current
state of the code and switch gears.

thanks to those influences and experiences that make life workable,
spamlogs postable, etc etc.

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