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Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Fri Nov 26 08:46:22 PST 2021

it's 1042 and i'm trying to work on libshatteredlives



libtheboss_saidto is a great idea i have of spreading a call-out to
all the toilets of the world to make sure that the very worst feces
are properly flushed.

libfeces is wip.  i'm going to finish a copy.  i know that everyone
else is making their own copy, because compacting and incinerating
things that are gross is just so, very, very important.

it's 1044 new york time on 2021-11-26 and i'm trying to use a python
asyncio queue to pass information on transaction updates.

it's 1046 and i'm having trouble holding oxygen in my lungs.  i'm also
feeling a little nauseous.

i'm excited to be able to participate in the building of this work
with so much appropriateness.

libiusedtobeabletobreathe has made a small bit of progress: it's 1047
and i've opened up the python repl help on asyncio.Queue .  it's hard
to look at, the letters seem strange.

libdeathbytoomucharbitrarylaughter is still sitting there on my horizon.

ok!  here we go.

it's 1049 and i added a little queue code to libchokingandgagging!

its 1100. libdisgustingwaste.

libwhywouldanybodyworkonthisshit is my favorite project.

no that can't be right

uhh let's go back to libonchain.  it's like libonchain2 or 3 or 4 or something.

libuselessidiotkarl that must be its name.

it's 1102 and in order to finish karlisanidiot ummmmmm i'll want to
query the node for some state history.





iu've made some progress, but don't yet have a way for the 'client'
code to get notified on new blocks, which is valuable for waiting for
n confirmations, could be done internall too, still not implemented.
libcorpses has small progress!

we've figured that if we sneak into the graveyard, and dig up corpses,
we can _rebury_ them which _rocks_.

wait ... um ... toilet.  not blockchain.  toilet.  right.  libgreatflushes.


1117 libbeingtoldtogetmurdered is currently pending the name of the
rpc call to subscribe to block headers.  just a little up the code.

libforgottendumpster will prevail!

1124 i drafted code to confirm transactions and the code is a
disgusting mess.  maybe it will improve.

1138 it now is actually waiting, and a transaction is in the mempool.
hopefully it will notice it get confirmed.  the code is quite messy.
i'm thinking it would be nice to have some way to just block until all
transactions have a given confirmation.

1142 still waiting in mempool.  latest block was 18 minutes ago on
block explorer.

1143 the block explorer doesn't show recent blocks.  just empty.

1144 different block explorer works.  recent block times seem erratic.

Height	Hash	Timestamp	Transactions	Size (kB)
715217	0000000000000000064f1d483c1a3937e2b60db84cadd0f7d886063a5131cfd9	Fri,
26 Nov 2021 16:22:41 UTC	52	557346
715216	00000000000000001039d10ce87a27170db084ae5194acbf89a23b39d5840d5d	Fri,
26 Nov 2021 16:22:00 UTC	136	269642
715215	00000000000000000e8ac89e007fcaa220fd96374b8bd869333745016f916204	Fri,
26 Nov 2021 16:21:41 UTC	437	1081797
715214	00000000000000000c73480f78a3ff2b659939eb133744ef5944d8a33275afe0	Fri,
26 Nov 2021 16:20:41 UTC	6257	15222413
715213	000000000000000001cbbe52597f76d7181cd28a455769d40620818fbb012903	Fri,
26 Nov 2021 16:06:46 UTC	20	8639
715212	00000000000000000bd7b22fd31cbb3a980a5e878ef0aefea532ec1cd9304e45	Fri,
26 Nov 2021 16:06:41 UTC	4392	9613980
715211	00000000000000000a84fe3e3acb9ab6e2f8c8eac033c239a2a1872a117d2ca8	Fri,
26 Nov 2021 15:56:41 UTC	14846	36329203

The last block was mined in only 41 seconds.  It's presently 16:45:28
UTC (1145 my time).
So there have been some frequent blocks, and now there's a >20 minute
delay.  Happens sometimes.

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