Thai Monarchy invited to subvert itself up-the-arse

professor rat pro2rat at
Thu Nov 25 20:46:19 PST 2021

A push in Thailand to boost gross domestic product (GPD) by targeting crypto digital nomads is coming closer to fruition according to local media.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has been looking into launching its own utility token called TAT Coin since September as part of a planned “cryptourism” campaign. The initiative aims to attract crypto wealthy digital nomads and the TAT has been in discussions with the Stock Exchange of Thailand regarding TAT Coin’s issuance.

Never mind all these wealthy and powerful aristocrats dotted around the world. I'm reliably informed by respected GovCorp theorists ( Like Karl Marx & Batshit Crazy ) they don't exist.
Just close your eyes and go " LaLA LA LA! " real loud.
That's the spirit. 

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