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Punk-BatSoup-Stasi 2.0 punks at tfwno.gf
Wed Nov 24 18:10:22 PST 2021

> but if you have
> seen how extreme Islamists in the western world think or what young 'refugees'
> from Muslims countries do[1] and that such people, in general, have support
> from other woke people you would get an idea.

	Problem is, even if I take into account the more fanatical branches of islam, they are in essence no different than the jew-kristian criminals, who are A LOT closer to home, and who pretend to be the 'good guys' while usually being worse than the muslims.

	So, really, trying the muslim scare on me will only backfire. 

> Zeynep has nothing gained from our Off-Topic discussion, which is IMHO said.

	Well, my first comment about the nature of the criminals behind that metaverse thing was relevant I think. Apart from that, what's to be said about facebook or further cancers derived from it? Maybe Zeynep should have provided some background and then asked a less general question?

> [1] One of many examples: Not so long ago, four Afghan refugees gang-raped
> a 13 years old girl in Austria and then killed her. 

	Yeah well. That's a tragedy but how is that any different from what western nazis have been doing for ages and are doing right now? 

	I mean, you've candidly stated that you are  "a big fan of Israel"  which means you support crimes against humanity in palestine, so what kind of consistent moral objection do you have to this particular crime? 

> Maybe you can undertsand why I think about many topics different from you.

	I'm well aware of what conservatism is. And it's not something to be understood since it's mostly an irrational pseudo philosophy based on tradition, revealed religion(fraud), authoritarianism and the like. Coincidentally, islam is also an authoritarian, conservative pseudo philosophy =)

	I see you are at least critical of 'smartphones', but I don't see how your other views mesh with crypto anarchy. 


> Regards and Good Night
> Stefan

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