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Wed Nov 24 12:42:18 PST 2021

On Wed, 24 Nov 2021 19:58:42 +0100
Stefan Claas <spam.trap.mailing.lists at gmail.com> wrote:

> Sorry for not quoting directly your reply.
> About me. I am conservative, patriotic, and democratic, which may
> sound really stupid to you. If I lived in the United States and would
> there be eligible for a vote I would 100 percent vote for President Trump.

	Yeah ok. You know that trump wants to murder assange, right? What's your take on that? 

> Regarding Mark Zuckerberg, as understood facebook was not his own
> invention 

	indeed, 'facebook' isn't an invention at all. It's a complete ripoff of things like "myspace" which were not 'original inventions' either. 

> and he 'used' things from his university friends. When I saw
> AOC tore him apart in a Congressional hearing he looked very little
> to me as a CEO and when reading (sorry no URL) that 'fact' checkers
> there received massive funding from a guy in the pharma industry
> I was also not 'amused'. Not to mention that he as a US citizen, running
> a US based company has allowed that IIRC 500 regular 'fact' checkers
> from Berlin Germany can censor post from German facebook users.

	well yes, germany is a province of the jew-US nazi empire, and so speech IN germany is controlled by US nazi jews. As an 'isreal' admirer you should thank the joo g'd for ruling you =)

> Compare that for example with a modern US-based and *free* speech
> platform like gab.com, where its CEO has balls and does *not* comply
> to Germany's request via lawers and heavy fines.

	gab.com is just another NSA-CIA shop, especially famous for their shitty 'security'...


	also, you can't open an account there unless you have a fucktardphone, and soon they will require a pentagon brain implant (see my other post).

> Regarding Muslims. I do not have anything against *peaceful* Muslims
> which accept the culture and integrate well into their host countries.

	why should they? The pieces of nazi jew-kkkristian shit never do that. On the contrary, the pieces of western, jew-kkkristian nazi shit are destroying every culture on the planet except their own jew non-culture. Look up : dutch empire, portuguese empire, french empire, british empire, US, isreal, etc. Funnily enough, germans came rather late to the imperial game and only had a few 'colonies' in africa. 

	Anyway, I don't like islam either, it's theocractic garbage EXACTLY like jooism. But then again, I have a consistent political position...

> But I do of course have something against Islamists and Islamic Terror
> Organizations.

	but you are a supporter of joo terrorism and their crimes against humanity?

> Regarding green party. If you understand German language I will post
> in a next reply of you a video from a very charismatic and well
> educated person, who came from Lebanon in the 70's and lives
> and works in Germany. We have many charismatic and intelligent
> people in Germany who are now ex-muslims. What could be their
> reason?

	they are corrupt assholes who only care about money and were bought out. That's their reason. I'm familiar with assholes from the 'third world' who move to the 'first world' because they only care about getting a bit more money to buy garbage they don't need.

> And another thing. If you or your friends follow 'social' media
> sites, the interesting thing is, people who are green-party and
> left wing mostly use pseudonyms when verbally 'attacking'
> conservative people and never have good arguments, while
> right-wingers or conservatives mostly can bring facts and do
> not act emotionally.

	lawl - so you think 'conservatives' are the 'good guys'? And do you think that's  aligned with cypherpunk views somehow? How do 'conservatives' i.e. fascists, and alleged anti state activists(cypherpunks) get along? 

> Last but not least, could you imagine, in case you could become
> a head of state in a country of your choosing, how would you
> and your people run an economy successfully?

	Did I mention that I'm a liberal anarchist? I wouldn't run the economy or anything else. 

	However, given the chance, I would execute all billionaires, for starters. 

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