the human race is finished

Punk-BatSoup-Stasi 2.0 punks at
Wed Nov 24 10:08:31 PST 2021

"Mass rollout of experimental mRNA vaccines developed in record-time, with unforeseen long-term consequences and with big pharma companies claiming exemption from all liability, as usual. These will become mandatory. Vaccine/health passports will be issued (already in effect in various countries). These will be necessary to get work, rent an apartment, go to school, buy food, move from state to state, province to province, etc. What's more is that it won't be, "one and done". You will be mandated, on pain of state violence, to line up for "covid shots" every 3 - 4 months. Covid will never go away. Temperature scanning will pave the way for biometric retinal scanning, all under the auspices of contact tracing and public safety.

Further on down the road, cash will be phased out, because, it will be argued, it is a vector of transmission for the virus. Financial privacy will end. Private ownership of vehicles will end. Autonomous drones and cars will patrol the streets and skies. Pretty much every facet of social life will go virtual. Technological innovations like Neuralink will eventually colonize every aspect of daily life and become de facto mandatory much in the same way that cell phones have colonized society and changed it in such a way as to become de facto mandatory.

Social credit systems governed by AI will rule in every country on Earth.

	source is a comment here

	the text above has been already posted by the jew-turd professor turd, but the turd didn't say where it came from and only posted it to try to mock it. The text of course happens to be a pretty accurate description of reality and that's why the jew-turd-cop wanted to 'mock it'.

>Temperature scanning will pave the way for biometric retinal scanning 

	Notice that we had 'libertarian' 'cypherpunk' Jim Bell cheering for that sort of nazi surveillance, not to mention his barefaced promotion of joogle-fucktardphone spying. 	

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