DEATH to Rittenhouse - Kyle Wanted Dead or Alive. Prefer Dead.

professor rat pro2rat at
Mon Nov 22 14:40:56 PST 2021

> > P.S. I like *good* boy Kyle very much! :-)

>        Thanks for completing your profile Stefan. So, authentic german nazi who likes murderers very much. You get a special 'cypherpunks' prize.

You're welcome, Punk.
BTW. If you don't mind, where do you get your information from when you
do research on a topic, or do you have limited Internet access, due to sites
blocked, etc.? Just curious.
Best regards
Stefan . . ."

If I may interject, its safe to infer Punk Batshit see's himself as politically Left due to his political opposition to the political Right as represented here by Gramps.  And I would go further and declare his sources of information Marxist due to their repeated antisemitism.

Left fascists have come here before - James A. Donald and John Young to name two.

Their primary sources of information are based on fanatical dogma mixed with conspiracy theory.  " Noise " in a word. Noise we might try and filter out more instead of engage with and perpetuate ( Hi Karl ! ) As Durruti once said . . . 

" Fascism is not to be debated - it is to be smashed "

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