UNICEF & the Outreachy grooming scandal (photos)

Debian Community News Team team at debian.community
Mon Nov 22 03:15:11 PST 2021

Nobody is insulting the women

Try asking the women for their own opinion: "Do you want to marry an
Albanian man or do you want to go to London?"

They will answer even more firmly than the blogs.

On 22/11/2021 09:52, zeynepaydogan wrote:
> That's disgusting and insulting to women. Even if women want foreign
> men, it's none of your business. Leave the women alone. Once again, the
> Debian community has shown that there is a denim community
> You’ll say you're sorry for that
> Açık Pzt, Kas 22, 2021 11:21, Debian Community News Team
> <team at debian.community <mailto:team at debian.community>> yazdı:
>> http://fsfellowship.eu/justin-flory-unicef-redhat-jeffrey-epstein-moment/

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