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Attorney Releases First Pages from Subpoenaed FDA Files – Shows Pfizer
Documented 158,893 Adverse Events with 25,957 Nervous System Disorders
in First Few Months of Distribution

Attorney Aaron Siri, Managing Partner of Siri & Glimstad, published
his first report on the information he received from the FDA.

Siri has extensive complex civil litigation experience, including
civil rights involving mandated medicine.

Aaron Siri has a history of representing people for vaccination injury
for quite a while he recently told a US panel discussion led by
Senator Ron Johnson that during the COVID crisis their phones have
received an avalanche of requests. Aaron added, “If we actually sued
all of the pharmaceutical companies for all of the complaints it would
actually impossible for all of the attorneys around the country,
around 100, to handle all of those matters.”

Attorney Aaron Siri recently released the first batch of subpoenaed
documents from the FDA on Pfizer’s COVID vaccine. The documents reveal
that in the first few months of this year there were already 158,893
Adverse Events recording including 25,957 nervous system disorders.

Via Aaron Siri on Substack.

    Two months and one day after it was sued, and close to 3 months
since it licensed Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine, the FDA released the
first round of documents it reviewed before licensing this product.
The production consisted of 91 pdf pages, one xpt file, and one txt
file. You can download them here.

    While it is for the scientists to properly analyze, let me share
one observation.  One of the documents produced is a Cumulative
Analysis of Post-Authorization Adverse Event Reports of [the Vaccine]
Received Through 28-Feb-2021, which is a mere 2 ½ months after the
vaccine received emergency use authorization (EUA).  This document
reflects adverse events following vaccination that have completed
Pfizer’s “workflow cycle,” both in and outside the U.S., up to
February 28, 2021.

    Pfizer explains, on page 6, that “Due to the large numbers of
spontaneous adverse event reports received for the product, [Pfizer]
has prioritised the processing of serious cases…” and that Pfizer “has
also taken a [sic] multiple actions to help alleviate the large
increase of adverse event reports” including “increasing the number of
data entry and case processing colleagues” and “has onboarded
approximately [REDACTED] additional fulltime employees (FTEs).”  Query
why it is proprietary to share how many people Pfizer had to hire to
track all of the adverse events being reported shortly after launching
its product.

    As for the volume of reports, in the 2 ½ months following EUA,
Pfizer received a total of 42,086 reports containing 158,893 “events.”
 Most of these reports were from the U.S. and disproportionately
involved women (29,914 vs. 9,182 provided by men) and those between 31
and 50 years old (13,886 vs 21,325 for all other age groups combined,
with another 6,876 whose ages were unknown).  Also, 25,957 of the
events were classified as “Nervous system disorders”

Here are the current Open VAERS numbers.

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