FreeSpeech and Censorship: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Nov 22 00:50:50 PST 2021

Zuckerberg, Biden, and the rest of Big Tech Social
and the Fake News all since day one deleted canceled
and slandered Rittenhouse who was seen by many
as not guilty from even the first on scene videos...

Now lets see just how long (aka: forever) they
let this actual certified mass murderer's pages
all stay up, and praise heaps of worship and
apologist on him, buy him free lawyers, devote
shrines to whatever his lefty cause, play his music
all over the media, proclaim his victimhood, order
all statues of Malcolm X to be moved to highly visible
public prominence, etc...
watch the Media-Politician hypocrisy unfold, lol...

Darrell Brooks
flyshtonly7 at
young_blas21 at

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