Coronavirus: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sun Nov 21 15:10:30 PST 2021

Gibraltar, Israel, and many other countries,
all with at or near 100% vax rates, ones over 80%,
even vaxed people are still getting Corona and dying...
Corona still spreading despite the masks, lockdowns, and vax.

Cases and deaths per day still having little correlation
to overlaid graphs showing dates that masks lockdowns
arrests fines and vax went into and out of effect.

Just like the common cold, corona doesn't much give a fuck,
sweeping through humanity and dying off on its own.

As usual, do what works for you... vax yourself, stay home,
etc or not... just leave other people the fuck alone.

Mostly, the politicians and news media are lying to you.

Now watch them again ramp up the Corona insanity as winter
illness season hits northern hemisphere.

Watch them try to claim credit for ending Corona in 2022.
When in fact Corona will have slowed on its own.
And more importantly, as global[ist] politicians have realized
that their FUD campaigns to give themselves more powers
have put them at risk of popular revolts, so they have to back
down to near zero in 2022.

Especially watch as the US politicians start to downplay
and dismiss Corona, command news media to cover
marijuana and other topics, instead of Corona FUD,
in order to yet again scam people into voting for
them in 2022 and 2024.

The virus is one thing, all the bullshit around it is another.

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