Before Gramps and Batshit's Govcorp

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> Before Gramps and Batshit's Govcorp there was Marx and Engels Govcorp
> " . . . Marx and Engels 

	piece of nazi jew professor jooturd is lying. What this other joo turd marks did was plagiarize everything he said. 

	Adam Smith devoted a whole book called "Wealth of Nations" to govcorp. Now if you're not an illiterate turd you know that Adam Smith predates marks.

	The masters grabbing the land
	The interest of the masters generally prevailing upon that of the workers
	The economic ideal is the independent worker
	The lowering of profits as a sign of general prosperity
	The masters and the state rulers against the property of the workers
	Urban masters and workers prevailing over rural people
	The masters congregating to exploit the public (with the aid of the state)
	The laws generally unfavourable to the workers
	The masters lobbying the state rulers for their own narrow interest
	The selfishness and avarice of the masters
	The manufacturers can prosper during a war
	The monopoly of the home market
	Restrictions to commerce
	Egoism and nationalism of the masters
	The masters increase the price of their goods and lower the wages of their workers
	The worst government: that of the exclusive companies
	The exploitation of colonies
	The absurd complaints of the British capitalists
	Unnatural gigantism
	Great properties require the establishment of the government
	The monied people increase their wealth lending to the government


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