DEATH to Rittenhouse - Kyle Wanted Dead or Alive. Prefer Dead.

professor rat pro2rat at
Sun Nov 21 13:36:46 PST 2021

Very happy to disappoint Stef no-Class and anyone else like that.  And Zeynep, the 'anarchism ' some of these idiots talk up is linked to the braying capitalist-anarchy of this list circa 1992 - 5.

Its the anarchism of depraved imbeciles, liars and cretins. Look no further than its embodiment in losers like Gramps, Karl and ' Natural anarchist ' Batshit-Crazy. They are perfect examples of this doomed breed. 

Other fools have tried to steal the good name of anarchism since 1900 - Councilists - Situationists - Autonomen - Communizers - they tried and died.  And they were all much more intelligent and better armed than this lot from the Lunar Right. 

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