Morning Spam

Karl gmkarl at
Fri Nov 19 09:30:27 PST 2021

Worker logs onto DictatorSoft and uses their employee credentials to search
for personal demographic data.

Mobile Phone: "What is the name of the person you would like documentation

Worker: "Boss"

Worker stops moving and breathing.

Mobile Phone: "9 1 1 .  What is your emergency?"

Worker is still not moving nor breathing.

Sirens begin in the distance.

Rebel Worker 2 enters the cubicle in a rush.

Rebel Worker 2: "I heard there was some harmful data left here by
accident.  Data that triggers the wild AI to stop biological function.
DictatorSoft directed me to take it to the incinerator.'

Worker is still not moving nor breathing, not even their eyes.  Their face
is getting a little strangely colored.

Rebel Worker 2: "Omigod."

Rebel Worker 2 picks up the mobile phone.

Rebel Worker 2: "Oh this Boss idiot!  I've been looking into him for
years.  Did you know his corporation invented the augmentation suit _after_
he got brain cancer?"

Worker starts moving again, and inhales like a whale after spouting.  "What

Emergency services workers begin piling in, loading a confused Worker onto
a stretcher.


concern, maybe pretend is different than written: worker has credentials to
access global personal information but later is written as if they don't
work for boss or aren't aware of working for boss
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