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Fri Nov 19 09:33:57 PST 2021

On Fri, 19 Nov 2021 12:23:11 +0100
Daniel Pocock <daniel at> wrote:

> I was an administrator of the Google Summer of Code for Debian

	so you have no moral objections when it comes to working for the so called US military industrial complex or its 'private' 'fron ends' like google? 

> I clearly resigned in August 2018:

	good, because working for the US military is a pretty bad idea. 

> I did not say anything at the time in public but basically a number of
> people had relationships with interns and for ethical and professional
> reasons I can't tolerate that.  

	so you didn't mind working for the US military but you object to 'relationships'?

> There are numerous pictures of the Debian Project Leader, Chris Lamb,
> with a young Albanian woman sitting next to him at DebConf19 in Brazil.
> This woman was not a speaker.  People ask: why did they buy her a ticket
> to Brazil?  Two months after that dinner she was granted an Outreachy
> internship, that is $6000 

	ok, so the debian mafia pays for 'relationships' by means of fraud. Of course there's nothing wrong with paying hookers, what is wrong here is that they got the money for the hookers under false pretenses, i.e. fraud. 

> They are constructing all these malicious attacks on volunteers to
> distract from the corrupt leadership behavior, that is the real motive.

	yeah that's how propaganda works. Like, you know, joogle stating "everything we do is evil" - wait, that was their motto I believe? 

> Some of the same Debian oligarchs are co-conspirators in the child labor
> program at FSFE. 

	how old are these 'children' you speak of? Also, there's nothing wrong with 'child labor' anyway, depending on the  terms. Ironically "child labor" is a propaganda term used by 'progressive' like the ones from the debian mafia.

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