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Fri Nov 19 08:46:40 PST 2021

I'm guessing the reason for the violence in this story is likely because I
lived a very nonviolent life, and when I encountered a violent situation
that attempted to halt my activism and computer work, it was so outside my
reality I didn't understand it was real.  Or maybe that's just this chunk,
unsure.  Is violence real?

Also, I have bitcoin running, it's likely to sync within a couple days.
And this isn't the kind of story I would write, nor are these the kind of
list posts I would make.  I don't understand why it is hard to sync a
blockchain.  I recently discovered Dissociative Disorder and read the
different forms of it that enumerate so many of my daily experiences.  I
infer this story is also an analogy for them and others'.

Other boss story bits have landed around.  Notably one where Boss announces
world dominance among cheers.  Maybe simplest to search for emails from
0xloem or gmkarl, containing Boss with capital B.  Note that
everything is half wrong.  Most of the stories are in this thread.


Boss is in his office, wearing his augmentation suit, punching a worker who
hinted to a journalist that Boss might occasionally make mistakes.  The
worker keeps dieing, so Boss brings him back to life when he does, before
punching him more.

"Had to do it yourself again?" asks DictatorSoft from Boss's Mobile Phone,
as it was programmed to.

"This uses up so much time, I don't know why other people don't like to do
it more," buzzed Boss's synthetic reply through his augmentation suit.  "I
think this guy might be worth a careful promotion after a few more

"I wish I had such a great Boss like you!" chirps back DictatorSoft.

"I know, doesn't everybody?"  Boss grins, and keeps punching the worker
with hydraulic force.

"Session saved to SlaverChain for robotic training," DictatorSoft reports.


[idea: rebel worker 2 and vivisectee and other rebel-types including mind
controlled workers who aren't totally aware, chat in an office about
information flow properties when surveilled and surveilling and mind
controlling each other using wild ai trojan networks and other
hard-to-predict, highly-dangerous, incredibly-powerful things that they
deal with every day, and sustain in strong conflict, while also disagreeing
on whom to hide the conflict from.]
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